Tuesday, March 17, 2015

WEEK 19 "The Power Of Priesthood"

Friends and family,

After talking with my family last week, I had an increased desire to go out and proclaim the truth. I saw the joy and happiness they had on their faces, and I know that it was because of the knowledge they have. The gospel truth is what makes us as members so happy, knowing that we have a loving Heavenly Father who knows us individually and has a very specific plan for us. I left that computer determined to share that with someone and change their life forever, here's what happened.

We got a call late Monday night asking if we could go to the hospital and give a sister who suffered a stroke a blessing. It was past our curfew, and late enough that it woke us from our sleep. We started texting and calling ward members, to see if they could go over because it was so late. After no replies, we figured that it was up to us to go. We had to get permission from President Peterson to leave our apartment that late so we gave him a call. Normally when a mission president gets a call late enough that it wakes him form his sleep, the worries start, and the questions start coming as part of answering the phone. We called, the phone picked up, and the questions started. In a short pause between questions, the words "there's no problem, we just need to ask for permission for something" were squeezed in. He calmed his voice and said, "Oh good. What's your question?" We told him the situation and the reply of "Elder's go serve and exercise your priesthood, yes you may" came from the other end. We got dressed and made our way to the hospital. We walked in and found this sister on a hospital bed clearly in pain and restless. She was aware we were there and did the best she could to communicate with us. Her son, our branch mission leader was there and filled us in on what was going on. One thing that I forgot to mention is she isn't a member. We gave her the blessing and when the word "amen" was said she was a whole new person. She sat up and with a very calm voice said, "I thank the Lord that he has given you his power." She was able to talk to us for a little bit now that she wasnt in pain, and said that once she was feeling better the she would start coming to church. I had the impression to PROMISE her that she would be healed by Sunday, enough to come to church. She was released form the hospital on Wednesday and we went and visited her so see how she was doing. We made plans to discuss the Priesthood with her and help her understand a little bit more about it. We taught that lesson and we were able to answer some of her questions. She was grateful for what we had shared and then told us that she wanted to be Baptized because she realized what she was missing in her life. The impression came again just as is had at the hospital earlier that week to PROMISE her that she would be healed enough and be able to be baptized. We made our way to church about 45 minutes early yesterday, walked in the door, and she was sitting there quietly waiting for church to start. I asked her how she was doing and she said, "I woke up and had the strength to get ready for church today, just as you promised me." I couldn't help but be overcome by the spirit knowing that I followed a prompting and it unfolded right before me and the power of the Priesthood was again, a very real thing. What a testimony builder for me. Please, as promptings come no matter how simple or small we think they may be, act on them. The things that follow sometimes will amaze you and lead you to a stronger testimony and know that our Heavenly Father has a plan for us each, individually. Always stay worthy of the companionship of the Holy Ghost and you little ones that dont have it yet, always be like Jesus. I can PROMISE you, having been set apart as a representative of Jesus Christ, given the same power He would use if He were here on the earth today, that you will be blessed as you obey promptings and live worthy of the Holy Ghost. I've seen it countless times and this just adds to the list. Jesus is the Christ. I love you all. Thank you all for your love and support once again.

Elder O'Neil