Friday, September 12, 2014


Family and friends,

What an amazing work this truly is. The Lord has a hand in everything we do no matter what it is. He have followed the simplest impressions and feeling as to which route to take to our appointments and so many people were placed in our path that wanted to know more about our message and this coming week if full.

We had a great service project on Tuesday. We did a "remodel" on a house and took all the old stuff form that house and went across town to build another home. We have 2 companionships in our area and it was just us 4 doing this project. It was so much fun and made me so grateful for the simple little tools we have back home. Part of the project was hauling gravel from the remodel to a jeep. We had burlap sacks that we'd fill and then carry the bags. Its one of the best workouts you could ever have hahah! I loved it! Getting strong.

We had planned to have a bunch of lessons on Friday. Lesson after lesson we got stood up. We decided to start walking and came a across a village we didn't even know existed. We met a lot of really nice people and even found some family of a member who hasnt been able to find them for a while. We are going back there with him so he can see his family. I had an impression to walk down a path not knowing where it lead. It opened up to a field where off in the distance we could see a farmer. we aproached him and started talking to him. He had never heard of LDS or Mormons. He asked if we could come back and talk to him. I asked if there was anything we could do for him at that time. He said he was done for the day but that we could come back on Tuesday and plow his field with his cow. I can wait!

Its been super cold this week. Yes 65 is cold compared to 95-100 degrees and the humidity doesnt make it any warmer. Today is the first day in 4 days that the sun stayed out for more than 5 minutes and its super hot now. The storms have fairly mild. Some days it rains the whole day but its a mist. Craziest thing.

Baptism number 2 and more to come. This is Miko. He just turned 16 the day before he was baptized. He is much like Joms. Always wanting to learn more and more. He had been working with the missionaries for almost 2 years and just wanted to know for himself if he needed to be baptized. We went to his house to teach him one day and he said, "Elders before we start can I ask you a question? I received my answer and I am ready to be baptized. Can I?" I was shocked and looked at my companion and we both quickly replied YES! Yes you may! It was one of the neatest experiences to be a part of. He has such a power and spirit about him an is an amazing example to me of what the gospel can do to some ones life.

Thank you all for your support and emails and prayers. I can fell them everyday. This is the true church and Jesus is the Christ.

Elder O'Neil