Friday, September 12, 2014



Family and friends,

This past week we one of the elders that lives in our apartment had his grandmother pass away. My focus for all my studies this week have been on the Plan Of Salvation and the family. I read the Proclamation to the Family multiple times and really broke it down to very specific doctrines. The family is the central unit of this gospel. After reading the Proclamation to the Family I went to the hymn book and looked for songs pertaining to the family. In most of the songs it had something about ETERNAL FAMILIES. I reflected on the blessing I have to be born in the covenant. It brings a of comfort.

We werent able to help the farmer plow his field this week but we went to a members house and did a bunch of service over there, It helps me realize that this work is both physical and spiritual. What a blessing it is.

We were able to do some awesome tracting this week. I went out on exchanges with my district leader and we taught two families lesson 1 from just knocking on the door. We were walking down the street Saturday night and I saw a group of people so I went over to them and introduced myself and asked if we could share a message with them about Jesus Christ and families. There were 13 of them and they all said yes. We taught the and they love the Joseph smith part. The asked if I could then teach it in English and the spirit had the same effect. It testified to me that not matter where the church is of what language its in the message is still the same and just as powerful. We committed them to come to church the next day and 4 came for sacrament meeting and one came for Sunday school and young womens. How amazing.

We had taught a group of high school students a couple weeks ago and one of the girls we taught loved the message so much that she wanted us to come to her house and share it with her family. We went to the little town that she lived in and after talking to a member that had come with us we found out that missionaries had never been up there. UM.....NEW TRACTING AREA? I THINK SO. We taught her family and her grandmother was there. We shared the restoration and then came to Joseph Smith. She began to cry and said I believe everything you're saying, I have been looking for this the past 25 years. She had been Catholic before and didn't feel that worshiping a statue was right so she stopped going. When she heard that we prayed to Heavenly Father she knew that's what she wanted. We will continue to teach her and I will keep you updated.

All in all we had 23 new investigators this week. This is the Lords work and His true church on the earth today. I love you all.

Elder O'Neil