Tuesday, March 17, 2015

WEEK 16 "The Training Is On"

Family and friends,

I have started training a new missionary this past week that just arrived straight out of the MTC. His name is Elder Fernandez and he is amazing. He's from here in the Philippines but very far from the San Pablo mission. As I train each day I begin to thing back to my training and how crucial this training is. It is crucial that I give this missionary all the knowledge I can so that he can be the best missionary and bring people unto Christ. With such a big responsibility comes a lot of nerve and fear. I dont want to mess up and I want to be the teacher and example that our Heavenly Father wants me to be. In my studies yesterday, I was going though my notes that I took from General Conference a couple weeks ago. I was trying to find something or multiple things that I could really apply in these next weeks of training. I read over all that I had, but this is what stood out to me the most. As stated in General Conference multiple times and in a couple different was, "Faith is the antidote to Fear"
After coming to the conclusion that this is what I was to apply in these coming week, I began to further think about it and study more about this. If we put our trust in the Lord knowing that through him all is possible we have no need to worry. Our fears and worries only come from a not fully believing that the Lord has a plan for each one of His children. It has really helped me understand that if I want to be a good trainer that I first need to rely on the Lord and know that he is there to help me and second apply and act on the promptings and knowledge in which he has already given me. I promise that if we will live by this teaching from our leaders that we will be blessed. I have seen it happen in my life and I know it will happen in yours. I love you all.

Elder O'Neil