Tuesday, March 17, 2015

WEEK 17 "The Power Of Discipleship"

Friends and family, 
I want so share an experience that I had this week that really had and impression on me. This weekend was district conference and so the “LDS Army” of Oriental Mindoro traveled by jeepney, van, and other various means to the city of Calapan to be counseled by they’re leaders.  We as missionaries left with enough time to make a stop at a big grocery store to stock up on some “American” food for the next couple weeks and then made a stop at the all familiar McDonald’s haha. It tasted so good. I wish you all had the opportunity to taste something that good haha. That’s the experience I wish to share. Thanks for reading my email with the intent of hearing some how about the work. Next week will be one of those but for this week, this is it………..Im Just Kidding!
So like I was saying, this weekend was district conference. All that stuff above really happened but as cool as that was, it wasn’t even the best. We made our way to the Stake Center, got our seats, and then started talking with some of the other missionaries and members before the meeting began. We saw some of our members walk in, and they had brought some of they’re friends, our investigators, with them. We also found out that Elder Agustine of the area seventy was going to presides in that meeting. I didn’t know him but I knew that his calling was that of the general authorities. He walked in the meeting and the whole atmosphere changed, it became so reverent. The majority of the people didn’t know who he was but the spirit he brought changed people. He gave a phenomenal talk about the Philippines area goals for the church and how members play a huge role in that. When the meeting ended Elder Agustine approached me and said, “Elder O’Neil, thank you for hastening the work here in the Philippines, you have blessed many lives.” He shook my hand, turned around, and then walked to wherever he was going. What power I could feel as I shook is hand, it was amazing. Im sure he did that with a couple other missionaries that attended that meeting, but from what I could see he went out of his way to approach me. He was busy, but he came to thank me for my service. I challenge all of us to follow this example and go out of our way to thank someone or to give service even if we may be busy or it my not be on our way to our destination. We must always remember our ultimate destination it the Celestial kingdom, let us all be disciples and true member of this church and help everyone find that destination through our kind word and deeds.
As I said earlier, we had some investigators that attended that meeting. After talking to them they wanted to know why it got so reverent when Elder Augustine entered the room. They loved the way they felt as he stood and testified of Jesus Christ and the power he had in his conviction. We look forward to our next lesson with them when we set a date for them to be baptized.
Thank you all for you continuous prayers and emails. The support in which I have is phenomenal. This really is Christ’s church here upon the earth in these the latter-day. It is guided and directed through His priesthood power that was restored by the prophet Joseph Smith. I love you all and am very grateful for you.
Love Elder O’Neil