Tuesday, March 17, 2015


Family and friends,
Sorry for the lack of writing the last couple weeks. Things have been busy and I haven't had the time. I've been informed that even just a little quick update is better than none at all so I will try to do that every week event if it isn't long.
One of the challenges that President Peterson has given us for the next cycle is that we focus on college age kids and colleges in general. At this age people are trying to find what path to go down in life and what things to invest their time and energy in. If we as missionaries can help them by showing them how the gospel is a life long thing but that it also helps them for the eternities then they might have a better chance of accepting it. We visited a pretty big college here in our are and offered to teach an English class. The dean was ecstatic about the idea and we are now making plans as to how to make this happen. One of the things that we have to work around is that it cant be anything faith related. As a missionary you are always trying to find ways to tie in gospel principles with everything you do. I have faith that this is the Lords work and that somehow we can tie everything back to the gospel and not get any negative feedback for it. Here we go! Lets see how good my English really is. I know that the Lord is going to give us people to teach as long as we teach the impressions that He places in our hearts.
Sister Rosita, or the sister that had the stroke a couple weeks ago is going to be baptized on June 28th. Every lesson we have with her has been great. The Lord has truly prepared her for us. She is so positive and asks us if June 28th is the day her life can change forever. After being asked that so many times I finally thought about it. This is going to change here for eternity and I have the wonderful opportunity of being a part of it.

The investigators are doing well and the work is moving along. I love it more and more everyday im out here. Thank you for the prayers. As you can see they are being answered. I love you all. If there are any questions please ask.

Elder O'Neil