Tuesday, March 17, 2015


Friends and family,
I had the wonderful opportunity of attending some phenomenal meetings this week that have built my testimony and gratitude for this work so much. We had zone conference on Wednesday and then they held a special Northern Oriental Mindoro District Conference this weekend with Elder Cook and some other speakers. I not only felt the power of the Holy Ghost work inside me but I knew that what was being taught was divine inspiration to be used especially at this time, in this mission, and that I am the instrument or tool by which this is going to happen.
On Wednesday, we went to one of the best zone conferences I've been to since being out here. I had mixed emotions going into it because I knew that this was going to be the last one with President and Sister Peterson. We had a planned agenda and as we started into the meeting we did the usual stuff we do in every zone conference. We watched a slideshow of pictures went over some business and then had lunch. After lunch, President and Sister stood in front of everyone and gave us the opportunity to ask any question we wanted. The questions ranged form doctrine questions to deep doctrine questions, to personal questions for one or the other or both, to some questions that the best answer was just laughter. It was interesting to hear about some of the relationship questions that were asked such as, "Sister Peterson, what stood out to you about President when you two were dating?" The answer was plane and simple, "He was a priesthood holder that honored his priesthood by the way he treated those around him." This answer stood out to me and so I wrote it down so I could think a little more about it later that night. I opened my journal on the way home and came across this. I thought to myself that the priesthood was put here on earth to bless us and that we as priesthood holders cannot use our priesthood for ourselves but only to serve others. We we honor our priesthood we do and act as Christ would if he were on the earth today. The power of our example says more about us than we can ever put into words ourselves. It stood out to me and has been something that I feel we always need to be reminded of because it is so important.
Another question was posed that also stood out to me in a couple different was. Even though I am out here on my mission, this is only preparing me for the rest of my life. As questions were answered they were answered in a way that pertained to the work but also how we needed to apply it when we get released. A sister asked what was done in the Peterson home that helped the spirit more fully reside there. President Peterson said that he always made it an effort to avoid contention at all costs. He said it was hard at time to deal with his teenagers as they wanted to stay out later or whatever it was, but he always made a compromise with them to avoid that contention. He also said that they made an effort to make every family home evening doctrine centered. He said that not very many rules needed to be set because his kids knew the doctrines that were taught and didn't want to do anything to fall away from them. We were taught a little of how to do that and now we can do that in our own families when the time comes.
This is the true church of Jesus Christ. He loves every one of us. We have a true and living prophet on the earth today.
Elder O'Neil