Tuesday, March 17, 2015

WEEK 23 "The Work!"

Friends and family,
This is a short updated but we have a couple other things that we have to get done today.
Sister Rosita, or the sister that had the stroke hasn't come to church the past couple weeks.She said the its hard to get going in the morning and her desire to come isnt as strong as it was earlier. Please pray in her behalf to have a greater understanding of the importance of attending church.
We got two new investigators that are amazing, Marvin and Jemil. They're Book of Mormon reading is amazing! The have come to some activities that the branch has held and have made some good friends with the members. We play basketball with them every Monday morning and sometimes on other days depending on if we want to get up early enough to ha.
We have another investigator, Jeremy, who if he were to come to church and I were to just see him, I would think he's a member. He truly conducts himself like a member of Jesus Christ's church. He has so many questions and when we don't have the answer right away we tell him to give us til next time and we will give him his answer so that we can go stud it out. When we return and try to answer his question he excitedly informs us that he read the Book of Mormon and found his answer. He has testified to us that if we need help in life that we just need to the Book of Mormon and we will be given strength and answers we thought we would never be able to find. He's amazing!
The work has shown increased progress these past couple weeks. I know that it is through our love of the Lord and the diligence we have in our studies and the work. I know that without the constant support and prayers of you back home that this would be as successful as it is. Thank you. I love you all.

Love Elder O'Neil