Tuesday, March 17, 2015

WEEK 25 "The New President"

Friends and family,
I hate to do this, but we had a zone p-day today and so I have to make this quick due to the lack of time.
President Mangum arrived last week and so we all had another zone conference to meet him. He is amazing and even being new in the calling has so much knowledge and speaks with much power and conviction. He's form Orem and the Vice President of New Skin. He has had a lot of experiences in his life that you can see have lead him to where he is today. I want to point out that from all that he told us he's not much different form other people meaning that one day the call might come to you ha.
The work has been super slow this week and in a way kind of discouraging. I haven't gotten down on myself but after how many rejections and people saying that would or are keeping commitments and we find our they're not, its hard.
I have been into most of your homes and seen your bedside and family rooms and other various places where I know that you pray. I envision that place and the fervent constant pleading to our Heavenly Father for me and my investigators. At that very moment I have an overwhelming peace come about me. I can do this because the Lord has provided a way for me and your prayers shun my fears. I love you all. Thank you for what you have done for me and continue to do for me.
Elder O'Neil