Tuesday, March 17, 2015


Friends and family,

Transfer week, and now just anxiously waiting to hear if I'm transferred or not. Whatever happens, I know its the Lord's will and I will push forward faithfully relying wholly in the Lord to accomplish the tasks he sets in my path. I love this area out here on Mindoro and the investigators and members that I have come to know and love so much.
Rosita, or the sister that had the stroke, attended church yesterday and her Book of Mormon reading is outstanding right now. She has again found the joy and excitement she had when we first met her about being baptized. Your prayers in her behalf are being answered. She has again found the light. Let us all keep praying that her desire will not be weakened this time.
  Jemil and Marvin, truly prepared by the Lord. We have finished all the lessons with them and have now gone back and started reviewing with them. They are still reading from the Book of Mormon, 3- 4 chapters a day. We decided to watch a couple movies with them about Joseph Smith this week and they cant stop asking when we are going to watch more powerful videos. Not olny are they amazing investigators, but apparently they can cook really well too. As a missionary, what more can you ask for ha. We are going over there tonight to teach them and then they'll teach us how to cook my favorite Filipino dish, bicol express.
Jeremy, determined individual. He continues to read and keep our other commitments but he just has a hard time making in to church. He is so knowledgeable and has continued to answer a lot of the questions he has by himself through the Book of Mormon. He has given us some names of his friends that we are now in the process of finding and contacting. He wants them to feel the same amazing feeling that he feels as he investigates the church as he's put it.
Im sorry for the lack of pictures. I have had a problem with sending them and am hoping to soon get that resolved. Your prayers are being answered. Thank you for the love and support that I fell through the letters and emails. I love you.
Elder O'Neil