Tuesday, March 17, 2015


Friends and family,
The work the past week has been amazing and we have really had great success with our investigators and members. We have made it into the home of a lot of less-actives and discussed with them the blessings that they are not fully receiving when they don't attend church. After each lesson, just as we do every lesson, we asked how they felt. Every single one of them, with a smile on their face or tear filled eyes said they felt love and happiness. The is a question that we as a companionship have found very effective for setting up the following question. "Who in your life do you want to have this same feeling?" in other words, asking for referrals. We were able to obtain countless referrals and have made some amazing contact with these people. The Lord has prepared them to receive his gospel.
Jemil and Marvin are still progressing well. They had been struggling with the word of wisdom for a little while. They would never really come out and tell us everything that was going on in fear that they wouldn't be able to be baptized. Both myself and Elder Fernandez both felt that we need to get the honest truth out of them to what extent they were struggling with the word of wisdom. We prayed very had for the two days leading up to their scheduled appointment. We asked that we would know what we needed to say and how it needed to be said. We prayed that they would feel love not only form us but that they would feel love for the Savior and the atonement. We went to the lesson filled with the spirit. The lesson went so well. They came out and told us exactly what what going on. To our surprise it wasn't as bad as we thought it was. They had already taken the steps we talked about in our lesson on repentance and applied them in their lives. They still had a small problem with coffee and we discussed that with them. We told them that we would need to move their baptism so that they wold be more full ready and worthy to take upon themselves those sacred covenants. Without and question they both said they wanted nothing more and than to be worthy and accepted their new date.
These two are amazing people and some of whom I have truly grown to love this all of my heart. I cannot wait to rejoice with them in the life hereafter. I will miss them greatly when I am transferred but for now we are still making memories.
This church is true. Under no other knowledge or understanding would I sacrifice two years to be how many miles away for those I love to spread that knowledge with others. Jesus is the Christ. The true and living God of a true and living Father in Heaven. I love you all.

Elder O'Neil