Tuesday, March 17, 2015


Friends and family,
The investigators are doing amazing and this week we were able to add a couple more to the excitement . We have some baptisms coming up in the next couple weeks and I cant express my excitement enough in words. I have been able to be with some of these amazing people for about six months now and to see how their lives have changed as the they have found the light of Christ through the lessons we have taught has truly been a miracle. The Book of Mormon is a powerful tool for not only investigators and their conversion, but also for us as members of the church to build our own testimonies from. The work is real and the Lord is hastening His work for his coming.
I had the wonderful opportunity of reading Jesus the Christ the past couple weeks and just recently finished it. I am truly astounded at the life that Jesus Christ lived here on earth and at the love he showed to every single person no matter how despised or hated they were by others. He lives today and does the very same thing now as He did before. He love us. Everything he did was out of love for our Father in Heaven. There were times in my reading that I would read something and then put the book down and thoughts and insights would come to mind in tremendous amounts. My testimony of the Savior has truly become stronger as I have come to love him and his mighty works. I pray that all we do for others is out of the love we have for them and the love our Savior has for us.
"True love can alter human lives, and change human nature" Thomas S. Monson
Jemil and Marvin no longer have problems with the Word of Wisdom an are continuing to prepare for their baptisms. Please pray for them. Keyzille is progressing and her testimony continues to grow of the plan of salvation and the happiness her family can fill when they accept the invitation to be baptized. Rosita has had so kind of sickness that has been giving her problems. We have been over and given her a blessing and the says that she ca feel the same power and strength she felt when we first met her in the hospital and gave her a blessing. She knows the priesthood is real and has expressed to us that she doesn't want to be baptized any other way than by that same priesthood power. Amazing. Jeremy is continuing to ready the Book of Mormon and answer his questions but he hasn't been to church yet to answer some of his other questions. He is amazing and I know that he will find much more happiness when he feels of the spirit in our church meetings.

Please pray for these people. I have expressed many times that I have family praying for them on the other side of the world and they have said they feel your love in a way they cant express in words, just tears of gratitude. You are amazing and I love each and every one of you. Thank you for who you are and the examples you are to me.
Elder O'Neil