Tuesday, March 17, 2015

WEEK 30 "Even Missionaries Get Sick"

Friends and family,
I dont have much to say about the work this week but I have learned some really neat things that I can apply to the work as my mission goes on. Elder Fernandez has been sick for the past couple days and has had to stay in the house. With all the extra time I decided to read a couple books about the pioneers, Joseph Smith and Christ. As I read my testimony was strengthened and through all my reading I found one common aspect of all their lives. Sacrifice. Sacrifice for the gospel. Sacrifice of their lives and material things, their time and all other things that our Heavenly Father knew they could do without. What thing in our life can we put aside to more full embrace this gospel and the blessings it holds.I have had to ask myself that same question, evaluate, and then apply those things. I have found that I am more worthy to receive inspiration and happier in some of the hardest aspects of this work. Our Heavenly Father knows us and wants the best for us but sometimes we block him out by not fully committing ourselves. I understand that we're not all perfect not even myself. This is a hard thing to do but I can promise that if you will start small, the bigger things wont even seem big or even as a sacrifice.
The email is short but I pray that you may apply it and that you will recognize the blessings that come. I am so grateful for you all. Please pray for Sister Keyzel. Her baptism is this coming Saturday. I will talk more about her and her story next week. I love you and the Lord love you. This is his church and its true.

Elder O'Neil