Tuesday, March 17, 2015


Friends and family,
I had the wonderful opportunity of baptizing Sister Kayzel on Saturday and then yesterday witnessing her confirmation as the newest member of this TRUE church. Like I asked last week for you too pray for her and her strength to resist temptation, your prayers were answered. She was and is so prepared to enter this sacred covenant and take the first step towards the Celestial kingdom.
On Tuesday I went on exchanges with our district leader a couple days after her interview and asked him how it went. We talked about it for a little bit and then he shared this with me that really mad an impact on me. The interview had one more question and our district leader asked her if she would continue to come to church and keep her covenants even after she was baptized. He said she started to laugh a little bit and then said "Elder why would I be baptized in a church if I wasn't willing to do what was asked of me? Of course I will!" I reflected on that and the different covenants and responsibilities I have taken on and will continue to make throughout my life. If we are not willing to do something to the fullest or to the best of our abilities we need to evaluate ourselves and make changes where necessary or not take on the responsibility. A thought also came to mind that we need to leave our comfort zone and stretch ourselves. Change brings forth growth. Sometimes we dont fully meet the requirements of but as we apply ourselves and do our best the Lord will help us and make up the difference.
Sister Kayzel lives 2 hours away from the church and has faithfully been coming for about the last month and a half. She works for the military and was referred to us by a member that is serving with her. She had never been taught by the missionaries before us but had been attending church and the gospel principles class for about six months almost a year ago. Because she lives so far away from the church and the cost of travel, we have just taught her during Relief Society. She has so much knowledge about this church. We committed her to read the Book of Mormon and found out the she had already been reading it on her phone using the gospel library app. She was in Alma at the point and has continued to read and pray since. She is truly prepared by the Lord.
What a blessing it has been to be able to teach her and watch my testimony grow right along side hers. I love baptisms for the simple fact of  watching faces light up as they realize how important this covenant they have just entered into truly is. As we are obedient we are blessed I can testify of that.
Please pray for Jemil and Marvin. They are still keeping the Word of Wisdom but as their baptism gets closer and closer, Satan will work harder and harder on them. Rosita is struggling to come to church. Please pray for her as well as Jeremy that they will realize the importance of church attendance. I love you all.
Elder O'Neil