Tuesday, March 17, 2015


Friends and family,
I have now left my little island of Mindoro and am now in a San Juan, Batangas. I'm so sad to leave my area in Pinamalayan and all the members and my amazing investigators there. My companion, Elder Fernandez was also transferred as well, but the new missionaries in the area are great I know they will take care of things, that's a real blessing and what makes it easier to leave. There's a great quote that says "change brings forth growth but I'm not sure who said it. I can testify that its true. I saw it leaving my first area and i've already seem myself grow in just the short couple days I've been in this area.
My new companion is Elder Gallen. He's form Guam but lived in Utah for 2 months before he came out on his mission. He's been out for just over 14 months. Luckily I got to know him a little bit out on Mindoro as his area what right next to mine. We were able to talk at zone p-days and things like that so it was really good to hear that he was going to be my companion. The new area is a branch just like that last area. We meet in a house that the church bought, no members are currently living there. The branch is very small. We have 18 attend sacrament meeting and even less in classes. With the small numbers it still has the same amazing spirit as any other congregation. The missionaries are needed to help complete the whole 3 hour block every week. Yesterday I was asked to bless the sacrament and then give a talk. Next week will be the same thing but we'll be teaching a class as well. I love it here and cant wait so see what amazing and fun stories area going to come out of these next couple weeks. As a side note Elder Hale and I are again back together as partners in crime. He is the zone leader out here and its been fun to see him again. Sorry for the short letter. Lots to do but next week will be different. I love you.
Elder O'Neil