Tuesday, March 17, 2015


Friends and family,

I had the wonderful privilege this week of attending our mission tour. We had Elder Bowen of the seventy come and speak/teach us. It was amazing to be with him in such a as small a setting as we were because it made his workshop that much more personal. He gave some amazing council that I will expound further.

We receive and email weekly form President Mangum and the mission office informing us of upcoming  meetings and specific ways to prepare for them. Two weeks ago we were told who was going to be attending our mission tour and the principles or topics he wanted us to study. We were asked to study the oath and covenant of the priesthood, Abrahamic covenant, baptismal covenant, and the House of Israel. I began to look over them and then started to really look at them closely to better understand the workshop that would be given. As I studied I recognized just how big a responsibility we as members of this church and priesthood holders have here upon this earth.

Elder Bowen got up and began asking questions and asked that we give answers by the raise of hands. As he asked some of the questions, not all hands went up. After seeing that, he simple stated I feel a lack of power and did that for a majority of the questions. He gave amazing council about our responsibilities as members of this church and how we need to try in all that we do to show that we follow Jesus Christ.

The time is short due to some unexpected things but I will continue next week. I love you all.

Elder O'Neil