Tuesday, March 17, 2015

WEEK 41 "Spiritual Feast"

Family and friends,

The week has been slow in the working and teaching aspect but it has been a spiritual feast. I had the wonderful privilege of attending a meeting with Elder Robbins of the presidency of the seventy as well as another meeting with Elder Oaks, Elder Robbins, and Elder Bowen. I am coming to the computer this so much I want to share and not sure where to start. I am filled with the spirit as I have come to know yet again the Lord calls prophets to help us reach our full potential.

Elder Robbins taught a wonderful workshop on agency and responsibility. We have agency that allows us to choose what we want and to do. After making that choice we need to take full responsibility of the actions we have made. He said that the moment we cross excuses out of our lives we will be endowed with power. We come to understand the atonement more full because we will know that what we have done is wrong and place it upon someone else to repent. It was amazing to here him speak with power just as he did as General Conference. He is called of God.

Elder Oaks, on Sunday Night, gave a talk where he reflected in his service as the area president of the Philippines more than ten years ago. He went over some things that we stated in his talk ten years ago and then compared the growth that has been made since. We was talking to the Filipino people and the circumstances that they face here in the Philippines but as I listened these are things that can and should be applies wherever we are. We are all members of this church and share the responsibility of building the kingdom of God. We need to "lift where we stand." The responsibility of building the FAMILY is a FAMILY effort. 

So many inspired words and not enough time to share them. Thank goodness we have eternity. God lives and Jesus is the Christ. The atonement is real and for us all. I love you all.

Elder O'Neil