Tuesday, March 17, 2015

WEEK 47 "Maligayang Pasko!"

Mag-anak at Mga Kaibigan,
Maligayang Pasko! What an honor it is to be call to such a sacred service at such an amazing time of year. The spirit of Christmas is so much more than recognizing Christ but is truly making him a part of our celebrations as we act just as he would. I have the wonderful privilege of testifying of him who's name is distinctly written on my badge IN (over) my heart. It is my choice to do this, just as it is all of ours to testify of him of who's birth we celebrate this Christmas season. We don't need to have his name on a badge to testify of him but IN our hearts. My prayer is that you take a couple of minutes to talk to someone of the testimony you have that Christ was born and that he lives again. I can promise that with a few simple words, you will have a more meaningful Christmas just as I am having. 

All of the investigators are doing wonderful. They are hard to contact at this time because that are all our of town spending time with family. I am so happy for the opportunity in which they have to do this. I know that the joy that they feel at this time is something that we can talk about in later lessons to help them recognize they can feel this way forever. We have some lessons scheduled on Christmas that we have prepared very faithfully for and are so excited to watch these lives change.

I'd ask that you send any pictures of your families doing Christmas things or just of your families. We have prayed for direction as to what direction to take this work and we have felt we need to focus on families but for some investigators it means so much more to them if they have pictures. Thank you for your help.

My we feel the joy that comes from this CHRISTmas season is my prayer. God lives and Jesus is the Christ. I love you.

Elder O'Neil