Tuesday, March 17, 2015

WEEK 46 "Mark's Baptism"

Friends and family,

As I said last week, we had the wonderful opportunity of baptizing Mark on Friday and then confirming him as the newest member of the San Juan branch yesterday. It never gets old to see the change that is brought into peoples lives as they accept Jesus Christ and his teachings and follow his example by being baptized. 

After each baptism we go back and teach the lessons again. Its interesting to watch how there is now confusion when we teach the lessons the second time because they now have the constant companionship of the Holy Ghost. Mark understood so much before he was baptized but his mind has been opened even further. Please continue to pray for him and that he will continue to choose the right.

Hermas and Ednalie are continuing to read and are making changes in their lives before we even commit them to just because they feel they need to after reading the Book of Mormon. Their progress in sure and steady and I cant wait to see them dressed in white. Please pray for them to keep reading and doing the necessary things to be prepared for baptism.

I feel your prayers everyday and am so grateful for them. I love you all.

Love Elder O'Neil