Tuesday, March 17, 2015

WEEK 57 "When There's a Will There's a Way"

Friends and Family,

I witnessed a miracle this week after many prayers and fasting this last week that I want to share and pray that you may feel the power of it. 

Elder Kaifoto has been in the area longer than I have and has been teaching Jerlyn and Noel for awhile now. Jerlyn has been coming to church pretty regularly and has been telling her husband about what a great experience it is. He hasnt been able to attend yet due to his work schedule and not being able to get Sundays off. We have been over there regularly teaching and sharing things that we have felt will build their faith. In one of our nightly plannings we decided we were going to go and be bold with love and commit him to ask his boss for Sunday's off so he could attend church. When we extended the commitment he was a bit hesitant saying that his boss was a devoted catholic and that he wouldn't find Sundays a day to take off of work. After each of us baring strong testimony of the Sabbath day we accepted the commitment. We went home and prayed that Noel would have the means by which he could have Sundays off. We followed up on Saturday so they could come to church the next day. Noel wasn't there but Jerlyn cam out and with a big smile on her face said they would be able to attend church because Noel got Sundays off from here on out. It was such a relief and all myself and Elder Kaifoto could to way smile. He is now one step closer to becoming eternally happy as a member of this church. 

When our desires are righteous the Lord is going to prepare a way that we may fulfill those. He loves us. With faith we can come mountains but we cant be surprised when Heavenly Father gives us a shovel to do it. Simple meaning we need to act on our faith. Jesus Christ is our Savior and HE LIVES. 

Elder O'Neil