Tuesday, March 17, 2015

WEEK 58 "Peace Be Still"

Friends and Family,

4 hours of sleep in 3 days is a good way to say this is WORK. The entire week has been full of surprise events but all needed to happen so that we could see the real blessings that the Lord had in store for us. The Lord will stretch us but he will never brake us.

Thursday night Elder Garvacio, one of the elders in our apartment had an allergic reaction to some medicine he had taken. After I made calls to find out what need to be done the conclusion was made that he needed to be take to the hospital. Due to your location and distance from the mission home and the urgency of the situation we needed to get a member and use their trike to get us to the hospital. Myself and Elder Kaifoto ran to this brothers house, woke him up made our way to the hospital. As Elder Garvacio's breathing got worse and worse I looked around are realized we were all in silence praying that all would be well. We made it to the hospital and they only allowed one person to enter the ER with the patient. I went in with him and watched everything turn into organized chaos. As all this was going on, I had the phone going off with calls and texts, people asking all kinds of questions, and also the task of filling out the kinds of forms and paperwork. Things were loud and hectic but I had a peace in my heart that things were going to be okay. I just needed to take things one step at a time. I knew he needed a blessing but I was caught up with so much, at least I thought. They gave him his own space for a second and I knew this blessing was what needed to happen. I walked behind the curtain with just Elder Garvacio lying in the bed with beeping machines and everything else that was hooked up to him trying to do its part to give him relief. I told him I was going to give him a blessing and not being able to speak he just closed his eyes and folded his arms the best he could. I placed my hands on his head and began by stating his name. At that very moment everything went quiet and all distractions were drown out. The hospital seemed to stand still as though there was no one there. I cant recall the words that were said because I didn't even hear those. I remember saying amen, opening my eyes and everything was just as crazy as it had been. I looked down at Elder Garvacio's face and chest to see how he was doing. The swelling in his face had faded and his breathing had dropped back to normal. The nurse walked back in and was amazed at how fast the medicine had worked. Elder Garacio looked at me and smiled, we both knowing that we had just witnessed a miracle. 

I reflected and thought about why we didn't give him a blessing before we left the house but I know that the Lord wanted myself, Elder Garvacio, and the nurses and doctors at the hospital to witness this miracle. After the blessing, I had some time to get done what I needed to with Elder Garvacio stable. As I talked with the doctors I was able to share with them my testimony, not giving up the chance to be a missionary. They knew and I knew that it was because of a loving Heavenly Father that all happened the way it had. Elder Garvacio is okay now but was taken to the MTC in Manila to be be closer to medical staff if he needs it. Please keep him in your prayers. 

The power of the priesthood is real and again I can testify that it is through faith and the priesthood that miracles happen. Our Heavenly Father Loves us. I love you .

Love Elder O'Neil