Monday, March 23, 2015

WEEK 60 "Be a Witness at all Times"

Friends and Family,

I had the opportunity of attending an amazing Zone Conference this past week and here's just a couple notes that I took.

-Always act out of Love

-Make a hope statement and live by it. Something that gives you hope is something that is going to bless more lives than just your own. Share it!

-Testify of the Savior with a stern and rejoicing voice at all times. 

-When you aren't feeling the spirit as much as you would like in you life or day, bare your testimony to someone. The spirit will be there to testify of what you speak.

My time is short but these few things have made for literally hours of study and pondering. I pray they might bring something to you as well. I love you.

Love Elder O'Neil
 Just doing some story telling in primary