Monday, April 6, 2015

WEEK 61 "No Accident"

Friends and Family,

One of the efforts that our stake is trying to push right now is mapping all the members houses in each ward to enable for an accurate record making it possible to meet needs and press the work ever forward. As missionaries and being able to walk the streets everyday, our assignment from the bishopric is that we find those who have records but not specific addresses and update the information the best we can. This is great for our situation as we are constantly searching for people to teach.

We had planned the in the morning where were we were going to work that day and finalized it. We went to church and because of unexpected meetings we had to change our plans. We decided to work close to where we were and scanned the list for members in that area. We started asking around for a specific person hoping that someone would know where he lived. We made it to the end of a street and found no success. There was a lady sitting on the curb watching her kids play and as one last effort we decided to ask if she know the person we were looking for. We told her what our purpose was and why we were looking for this person. She quietly sat there and answered our questions not giving very much detail. We thought we weren't going to find this person so we myself and Elder Kaifoto just stood silently waiting to we what was next. The lady spoke up and informed us that she was a member that moved in from a far away place, had been here for 6 years, and hadn't attended church since she had gotten here. We were able to set up an appointment with them to go over and teach. A couple day later we went over and met her husband and found that her kids weren't yet members. We taught and visited a couple times and had the wonderful opportunity of seeing them come to church yesterday. We had a plan but the Lord had a better plan. Not only did we bring a family to church but the kids are one step closer to baptism and the family is one step closer to the temple. 

There are no "accidents" in the church. Everything happens for a reason. How great a blessing that truly is. Because HE LIVES we have this gospel. I love you all.

Elder O'Neil