Monday, April 6, 2015

WEEK 62 "#BecauseHeLives"


What a spectacular Easter Sunday we have been blessed with. We had the highest number of investigators attend sacrament meeting yesterday since I have been here in Cabuyao. I know this was not a coincidence. As all of our investigators are devoted Catholics they have said that they only attend church two times a year, Christmas and Easter. I know that we met them at the right time befor that by this time, Easter,  we would have a strong enough relationship with them that they would keep their commitment to attend church. We had visited many of them almost everyday this week resolving all kinds of reasons as to why they wouldn't be able to partake of the blessing of attending church. After being guided by the spirit countless times as to what to say we had done our part and we now needed to rely on the Lord. We had fast Sunday yesterday due to the delay in time zones. Myself and Elder Kaifoto prayed and fasted that we would see these people come to church. We were thrilled as we watched each investigator walk through the gates with smiles.

How suiting it was to have the topic in Gospel Principles on the Atonement. We had one investigator come to us afterward and inform us that she had broken her traditions of Easter Mass and how grateful she was to have done it. Testimonies were borne of such sincere knowledge that Christ LIVES. The spirit was so strong. We had countless other comments from investigators of how much different "Church with the Mormons" was compared to the traditions. This gospel is a day to day commitment that we have to make for ourselves. 

This is the true church upon the earth today. How blessed we are to have it. HE LIVES. Proclaim it. I love you all.

Elder O'Neil