Wednesday, April 22, 2015

WEEK 63 "Grace and the Atonement"


It is now my chance to report on General Conference and bare my witness of a loving Heavenly Father expressed through his living servants. As I read all the wonderful emails last week about how amazing conference was, my excitement and anticipation grew. I was able to center my studies around some of the topics that were mentioned in emails and gained many insights and even mores answers to questions as I attended these marvelous sessions of conference.

The longer I am alive and the longer I am out her in the field, the power of the Atonement becomes evermore real. I had the wonderful opportunity of teaching a workshop this week, wherein we discussed this very real doctrine. We talked about weaknesses and sins, that they are different, but can both be conquered by not only the saving, but also the enabling power of the Atonement. Weakness are blessings whereas without them be would have no need to rely on the Savior to become perfected just as he is. A weakness only becomes detrimental to our salvation if we accept is as something that can never change, and therefore lose hope. If our weaknesses become the excuses as to why we sin, we only furthering ourselves from the path that leads to eternal rest and happiness. The Atonement is the way by which "weak things become strong unto us."  If we accept of weaknesses humbly, recognizing that on our own we cannot overcome them, praying in fervent for strength, then enabling power of the Atonement is made accessible to each of us. I bare my personal witness that this is true. I have witnessed lives change as people come to a knowledge of this sacred and true doctrine.

Elder Uchtdorf in his talk beautifully portrayed this in his talk as he said that through grace the gates of heaven are unlocked and the windows of heaven are open. It is through grace that we can go through life happier.I testify of this. 

Elder O'Neil