Tuesday, March 17, 2015

WEEK 38 "Training Again"

Friends and Family,

We had transfers this last Thursday and I got a new companion but i'm staying here in the great city of San Juan. Elder Reed is from Ririe Idaho a little town outside of Idaho Falls. He is coming to me fresh for the MTC. Its been so fun to get to know him over the past couple days and I cant wait for the next couple months that we'll be together.

I received a call form President Mangum about two weeks ago asking if I would be a trainer of one of the new missionaries in the upcoming batch. I made the commitment and now I have this great opportunity again. I reflected a lot about my last training and the things I wanted to improve on and the things I want to use this time. I thought back to the first time when I got asked in an email and how terrified I was. This time it was different. Like I said earlier it was a call but the words that President Mangum spoke gave me an overwhelming sense of peace and assurance that I could do this. I answered the phone, he addressed me and then using these words he said, "Elder O'Neil, the Lord and I have chosen you to be a trainer." Those simple words struck me. I am going to be training but the Lord is going to be my companion to be able to do this. I'm not nervous this time around because I know somewhat to expect but I have an unwavering foundation in my faith that Jesus Christ will never leave me alone. Where there is fear there is no faith.

This is going to be so fun as I watch him adjust to all the new things. He has already asked so many questions about how to do things that I haven't even noticed are different anymore because that's just what i've been doing for just under a year now. I remember having those same questions haha. I remember sitting in lesson and being lost the whole time not knowing what was going on. I teach and then turn to him translate and then teach again. I love every second it.

I love you all and am so thankful for your prayers in my behalf and my companion's as well as in behalf of San Juan. 

Elder O'Neil