Tuesday, March 17, 2015


Friends and family,

The work has really made a turn and is now booming here in San Juan. If we truly plan for success our Heavenly Father will help us gain that success. No matter what stage of life we are in, the Lord is going to help us because we are His children and he loves us.

My self and Elder Reed have made an effort to talk to everyone we can to help him with the language and as well as to help us find people to teach. Each night in our planning this past week we planned that we would talk to a certain amount of people of our way from our appointments. We had so much success and so many people that have asked us to come by again this coming week. We planned and that Lord has helped us gain that success.

We were at a bus stop earlier this week when we saw a man that kept glancing at us as though he wanted to talk. My companion suggested that we go and talk to him so I approached him and started to speak to him in Tagalog. Out of nowhere he started speaking to us in English, and he was amazing. My companion was relieved because he could be a part of the conversation and understand what was going on. Joey is form the Philippines but has lived in Japan for 22 years. His friends are all English teachers from the United States so he had come to speak just as they do. He said that he wanted to approach us so he could use his English just as practice so he wouldn't lose it but was to scared to and was relieved when we approached him. He got on the bus with us and was very kind to pay for our bus fare. We taught him a brief lesson one and asked that we come and visit him as his house because he felt something that he wants in his life. Please pray for Joey.

Elder Reed is so fun to have as a companion! He have had so much fun and I have a some great laughs as I have watched him adjust to some pretty interesting things this week. He's making so much progress and Im trying to stay up with him. I love him. Please pray for him and his family.

Elder O'Neil