Tuesday, March 17, 2015

WEEK 51 "A Firm Foundation"

Family and Friends,

Sadly enough we had to send the pope back home yesterday but he has in many ways, helped the work move along. While he was here, there were many televised masses around the Philippines. It made the work hard as people didn't want to do anything but watch "Santo Papa" while he was on tv, but as soon as the programs were done, people came flocking to "find Jesus" as they said. As we talked to people and told them that we were representatives of Jesus Christ, some wanted to learn more and others still weren't sure. As we simply bore testimony that there is only one true church that Jesus Christ established on this earth, hearts were changed. We were sensitive to not be offensive and show respect for others beliefs, but we were bold in our conviction and testified for deep within our hearts.

I had the opportunity of going on exchanges this week and we talked to many many people. We were about to call it a night when we passed a mansion size home. We both looked at each other and then decided we would just make our way to the house close by of our investigator to invite them to church. I thought about the words a lady had previously spoken that day "find Jesus." I realized that the worst thing that could happen in asking someone if we can share with them is for them to say no. I had nothing holding me back but myself. I looked at my companion and told him we were going to just go and see what happens. We knocked on the gate outside thinking that was the farthest we were going to make it. A young boy came and opened the gate and told us to come in. He went and got his mom and we began to tell her who we were and what our purpose was there at her house. She politely said "our family is Catholic and we are watching 'Santo Papa' right now, we don't have time." Thinking that all was done for the night we said that we would come back another day when they weren't busy. She said that we could try to come back if they were home on a different day, but most likely we couldn't share because they were Catholic. We told the sister that we would come back another day. We began to walk back to the gate and she asked us if we wanted to eat before we left. I looked at my companion and we both felt that this was our way in. We went in and sat down to an amazing dinner and while eating the questions started coming about where we were from and why we were so far away from home. We got on the topic of the Restoration in a very discrete way as to not lose our chances. We both bore testimony in informal ways and they continued to grow in their interest. They were very surprised and grateful for the respectful way in which we presented ourselves and said that anytime we were passing by we could drop in. WE DID IT! They were trying to "find Jesus" and we gave them the way. We planted the seed and now we will nourish it.

Most churches have some truth in them. That's how Heavenly Father planned it to be. We have the full truth in these the later days. We have the priesthood and a living prophet. Without these we could not succeed. 

Elder O'Neil